Annnnd… We’re Back!

Hello, Met… metricians? This is John letting you know that Measured in Metric Season 2 is officially well underway. Vivian and I are back from Australia and practicing our best social distancing measures. We really, really appreciate you sticking with us and hope that you’re as excited as we are for Season Two!

Vivian meets the ‘roos

One of my New Years Resolutions is to make better use of this website. I learned a bit of HTML and CSS then somehow managed to launch a WordPress server without actually knowing anything about computers, and by the time it was up and running I wanted nothing to do with it. But no more! From now on, when we say we will post something to the website, we will definitely try to remember that we said we would.

Shrimp on the Bar-B

Anyhow. Season Two. We hope you like it.

PS: I rarely talk about the music I’ve written for MiM and other podcasts, but I DO take some pride in it. If you like the sounds you hear, please feel free to check out my personal Bandcamp page at All of the music there is written and performed/programmed by me and is available for you to download, reuse, remix, etc. on the most permissive Creative Commons Attribution license.

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