Season 2 – Episode 12: St Basil’s Cathedral

For the final episode of season 2 we’re heading to Moscow on suggestion of a listener to learn about the history of the famously colourful St Basil’s Cathedral. St Basil’s Cathedral is a monument of many colours and many names, with Vivan describing it as “a Disneyland looking castle with colourful vaguely onion shaped domes”, […]

Season 2 – Episode 10: Hagia Sofia

From Basilica to Cathedral to Mosque to Museum, this episode’s monument spans across 1,600 years, multiple empires, and centuries upon centuries of dedicated engineers and architects keeping it in proper repair: The Hagia Sofia In the city that today is known as Istanbul, the first iteration of the Hagia Sofia was built in 360AD, at […]

Season 2 – Episode 09: The RADARSAT Constellation Mission

Just how many black rhinos could Canada into orbit? What exactly is a satellite constellation? What is the Canadian Space Agency doing to help protect Canadians from natural disasters? With the help of special guest Geneviève Houde, Systems Engineer for the CSA, we answer all of these questions in this week’s episode. Nearly all of our episodes so […]