Season 2 – Episode 06: International Women in Engineering Day

In honour of International Women in Engineering Day on June 23rd we’re breaking the usual format to share a panel-style interview featuring current and former colleagues of Vivian, Pippa Higgins and Arianne Cowx.

Throughout this episode John interviews Vivian, Arianne, and Pippa, looking for insights from their personal experiences within the engineering industry. Throughout this discussion we explore concepts including workplace diversity, being bullied by clients or having their credentials questioned, the importance of role models, mentors and allies, and the work that each of them are most proud to have put their stamp on.


Vivian Yu is a Professional Civil Engineer and Project Manager with Mott MacDonald, specializing in transit infrastructure. Vivian has experience working across Canada from Western Canada to Ontario, and globally in the US and Australia as well.

Vivian Yulinkedin | photo – Vivian on top of tracks she designed | photo – Willis Way Grand River Transit station | photo – University of Waterloo Grand River Transit station


Pippa Higgins is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Senior Design Manager at Mott MacDonald with over 20 years of experience with design, construction, and management of large multidisciplinary projects. She is currently on the Women in Transportation Seminar (WTS) mentoring program and is an active promoter of women in engineering.

Pippa Higginslinkedin | photo – Orion Building, Birmingham, UK


Arianne Cowx is a Professional Civil Engineer and Project Engineer with Parsons. Her experience has primarily been in the transit and transportation realm, ranging from heavy rail projects to major highway construction.

Arianne Cowxlinkedin | photo – QEW Welland River Bridge | video – Dougall Pedestrian Underpass and Multi-Use Trail


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