Season 2 – Episode 11: Norway’s Tunnel Highways

This episode we’re back on the road(s) again! Vivian’s been itching to do another roads episode ever since the Via Appia all the way back at the start of season 1, and today we’re not just exploring one road but an entire road system: Norway’s tunnel highways. The decision to take this podcast road trip […]

Season 2 – Episode 08: The Port of Buenos Aires

This episode comes via special request from a listener, and is the first engineering project of its kind on the podcast: The Port of Buenos Aires.  Being the first port on the podcast we get the opportunity not just to discover the history of the project itself but also to learn about the complex multidisciplinary […]

Season 2 – Episode 06: International Women in Engineering Day

In honour of International Women in Engineering Day on June 23rd we’re breaking the usual format to share a panel-style interview featuring current and former colleagues of Vivian, Pippa Higgins and Arianne Cowx. Throughout this episode John interviews Vivian, Arianne, and Pippa, looking for insights from their personal experiences within the engineering industry. Throughout this […]

Season 2 – Episode 05: The Great Wall of China

Spanning over 20,000km and connecting eras of China’s history across more than two millennia, this episode we discuss an engineering monument visible from low earth orbit, The Great Wall of China. In the west we typically learn that the wall was built to protect northern China from Mongolian invaders but the true story is a […]

Season 2 – Episode 03: Huoshenshan Hospital

Building a hospital is no easy endeavour, requiring intense coordination, collaboration, and planning. Building a hospital in just 10 days is a feat all of its own, and this episode we discuss the Huoshenshan Hospital, which was built in just 10 days in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as the Leishenshan Hospital which […]